Tuesday, April 22, 2014

BLM Headlines – Suspicion Haunts Federal Agency – Among other agencies that now have the ability to shoot first and Ask questions later.

Is Mismanagement leading to a national showdown?

The Bureau of Land Management has taken a heavy hand lately – the standoff at the Clive Bundy ranch in Nevada bringing the spotlight to this particular agency. The reason the spotlight became so intense is that the BLM came to collect a tax due with agents complete with sniper abilities – a move seen as somewhat heavy-handed.

Among gun-toting US entities are The Postal Service (Infowars), and the National Weather Service (breitbart). The Most ridiculous of agency gun toting abilities purchased on the taxpayers dime would be The Department of Education (conservative daily).

Certainly one can understand the Park’s department (BLM) who may have to put a man in prison over pilfering a few rocks(Spokeman Review), or say, may some extra cash, or for the matter sell wild horses for meat(billings gazette). They also appreciate land-ownership – so they take it, being Federal, and then tax the individuals who previously held private land to the teeth – the next parcel on tap 90 acres in Texas – apparently a border dispute between the states of Texas and Oklahoma have compelled the agency to jump in and settle things (Breitbart).

Perhaps they will be joined by gun toting teachers, weather forecasters and postal workers.

Is it really no wonder that general citizens are now starting to fear or distrust the Federal Government? Most of this is, in all probability, agencies with too much of a budget and a lack of sense as to how to manage the taxpayers dollar, however, appearances are everything. Is it no wonder that downsizing the Federal Government to its original role (see the Constitution) would be a winning idea in many a state at the moment, or perhaps even nationwide.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Now Oregon Added to the GOP list of Possible 2014 acquisitions - Monica Wehby, Acquires National Attention

Oregon is not the state one normally associates with the GOP – perhaps in some instances, locally, yes, but overall urban areas tend to vote Democrat. However, in this election year, that may not be quite enough for the Democrat Incumbent Senators, in States as varied as New Hampshire and Oregon. An article in The Oregonian speaks to Dr. Wehby’s primary challenges, and the odds of her besting the incumbent Senate Democrat should she win the primary. A pediatric brain surgeon, Dr. Wehby’s apparent issue in attaining that seat is her “lack of experience”. Somehow, when one really looks at polling across all spectrums of the political scale, the last thing that voters apparently want at this point is “someone with experience in politics”.

The Affordable Health Care Act, otherwise known as “Obamacare”, is one of the reasons that the Democrat base would be quick to change parties in this election. That is, however, not the only reason, the economy and jobs are high priorities, and the ever rising costs of food and fuel, which is oddly not counted in the rate of inflation, is another.

There may be some serious surprises this mid-term – incumbents on both sides of the aisle may actually have to work to maintain their seats – and not against the candidate from the “other” party, rather from within the ranks of their own – and well, neither party is apparently prepared for what may occur. One may through good money after bad, and get nowhere this time out. That the last line of defense, “lack of experience”, is being used this early in regards to Dr. Wehby, is of some import.

Oregon, really? Yes, really.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The 2016 Speculated Packed Republican Field versus the Speculated Democrat Field of One (?)

Senators Bernie Sanders, VT, and Rand Paul (KY)Presidential Hopefuls - image from Politico

So much is now being bandied about regarding the individuals who are “front-runners”, denigrating and complementary, depending upon which media one prefers it becomes a bit tired. What is somewhat as musing is that this is a pattern that occurs every four years, yet, somehow those pontificators (including this one) continue to spout the good and the bad of potential candidates for two respective parties. There are those who accuse the party establishments of colluding against the populace (sounds about right), and those who are so wedded to an ideology (either right or left) that should their favorite candidate not jump into the race, they need therapy. It is nothing new really, but more of the same and this is where that same old jargon takes a twist and gives one side of the “two-party” system a little bit more depth.

An opinion piece in Bloomberg states the obvious - Winnowing The Republican Presidential Field - which goes into a place few dare to tread – some will drop out, some will show up late to the dance, and eventually there will be a winner. As of this moment the polls are indicating that Hillary Clinton, the lone Democrat who has yet to announce, leads the field, but recall 2006, when there was no mention of one “up and coming” Democrat from the State of Illinois, who most of the nation never heard of – Barack Obama. Therefore, one can bet, Democrats being Democrats, that the nominee will not be Hillary Clinton, chances are better than average that a little knows Senator from MA, who hails from Oklahoma, will be in the limelight as this year wears on.

On the Republican side, much to the dismay of many, the front runners, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and another Bush, lead the field, with Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and several others vying for spots, and that depends on the pollster. Straw polls being what they are should be taken with a grain of salt – yet, they offer insight into who the political activists favor. Having a crowded field, in the end, offers choices, which is a bonus to those who are in the political cheap seats, and normally have little to no say as to the nominee, given the Party’s ability to choose long before the positioning begins. However, times are changing, and there is always hope for a little rebellion and resurrection taking place in both parties, going even so far as to form a third party – which for some would be the Holy Grail of political gains.

The aforementioned terrifies the powerbrokers as one would imagine, as that’s hard cash splitting three ways rather than two – which is why the Tea Party is so frowned upon and vilified.

This is the time of the season when those of us in the trenches choose favorites (plural) as one should know, the field will narrow, and like any gambling, with the stakes much higher, betting everything on one horse is not the best way to play –unless of course, things stay the course and one knows the Party Elite. However, if there is a crack in the wall of power that is DC, then all bets are off. Confusing to say the least, but, as it should be.

Current favorites: Senator Rand Paul and Senator Bernie Sanders. If one were to pick two, one for each ticket, they represent politics the way it should be in this nation. Paul, who is a Libertarian Republican (Jeffersonian) is representative of the middle and the left with some right thrown in for good measure, he calls them like he sees them, and that doesn’t sit well with lapdogs like Rep. Peter King. Sanders, for being the Independent Democrat who suggests he really is a Communist – which, frankly, someone not hiding their true political bent behinds a blanket Party Logo, is refreshing!

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