Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rand Paul - Salon Headline: “Rand Paul’s worthy goal: Why we shouldn’t laugh off his attempt to woo African-American voters” – and why it matters

Here is the gist as it goes, driving home from work and tuning into the local news channel, there was the Howie Carr Show, and I was floored for two reasons: One this is a conservative talk show, and two, the callers were African American and they were talking about their new party affiliation.

There is something that those who are vested in this nation consider a priority, that all labels be removed and that those who are recognized as being part of groups deemed underprivileged for whatever reason, are considered simply, citizens. All equal under the eyes of the law, and of more import of each other. Granted there will always be some idiots in the mix, who are blinded by whatever club or background or jealously or hate they are burdened with but – there is hope.

Therefore this treatment of Rand Paul’s outreach and goals in reaching African Americans by Salon, lent to that hope: the headline above begs the reader to delve in a bit more deeply, and in doing so, one finds a an article written in a way to drive home the point – it is not so much that the GOP has never done any outreach to the community, rather it is the point that one man is doing so – and where there is one, there is hope. All voters deserve choices, and now one is offering those choices to a segment of the population that has previously “belonged” to one political party.

Good for Rand Paul for setting that goal, and perhaps while he’s in New Hampshire, he should stop in Massachusetts for a second or two to find that his ideas might be readily accepted. So much so that he might gain much support. Understanding how ridiculous it sounds to bring a not-yet announced candidate to the Bay State – the Bluest State, the ever ignored by candidates unless they are Democrats in huge trouble (see this year’s election) state, it may help more than hurt for some to stop in the Bay State before running up to New Hampshire.

Besides my side rant and a selfish one at that given knowledge of the campaign cycles, and how critical first states and impressions are, the point is clear – making all citizens, regardless of culture, and offering choices to all voters is fulfilling the spirit of the Constitution.

Monday, October 20, 2014

On The Run – Kay Hagen (D-NC) calls for West Africa Flight Bans – Progressive Dem., E. Warren touts line Republicans have “Rigged” Election?

On The Run – Kay Hagen (D-NC) calls for West Africa Flight Bans – Progressive Dem., E. Warren touts line Republicans have “Rigged” Election?

One can smell blood in the water, and those are the small businesses how are suddenly ramping up as they see a safe haven on the horizon. The Democrats will lose the Senate and gain additional seats in the House in 2014, this is a given by most pollsters. What are endangered Democrats to do? –Act like Republicans – Take Kay Hagen, Democrat incumbent in N.C.’s senate race. Hagen was bitterly against banning flights from affected West African Nations during the Ebola crisis, whiles her opponent Tillis, was not. Polling suggested that the general public might just side with Tillis, and lo and behold: Time’s headline blares:Democratic Senate Candidates Back Ebola Travel Ban” . That would be Kay Hagen in a major policy switch otherwise known as flip-flopping to salvage one’s “career” as a public servant.

Meanwhile in Minnesota, in an allegedly “safe” Senate Race – Funnyman turned Senator , Al Franken, Progressive Democrat, has the party’s super-star, Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) out stumping for him. The Washington Post reports that Warren, in front of a huge crowd of 400 Franklin supporters, she quipped: "The game is rigged, and the Republicans rigged it," to the screaming 400 .

When you have party headliners going to states to stump for candidates (Warren’s headed to Colorado next, to try and bail out Udall - heck, Bill Clintons’ coming to MA to stump for Martha Coakley!) there are major losses on the horizon. Those last ditch party stars are brought in with the intent of helping to at least get out the base. Those door knockers and senior center, nursing home ghouls, who “help “people to vote, especially if an election appears to be on the downward side.

This time, it may not help. Try as they might to get away from the fact that they have been aiding an abiding an incompetent and therefore, dangerous to the health and welfare of the citizens, by oh, refusing to say whether or not they voted for Obama, they can’t. If they stood up for what they truly believed in - they’d stand a better chance. Kay should stick to the party line that she believes in – Warren is an opportunities who will say anything to get anywhere, thus she’s in full character, and acting as usual. More respect to Warren. Suffice it to say, there will be a few new faces in DC come January.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Democrats Represent the Rich? – What gives? – Class warfare reversed – who Cares

As if the Border, ISIL (or whatever the name is this week), The IRS, the inconsistent and scary CDC (and Ebola), etc, etc., were not enough to drag a party down, the AP just handed the Democrats another blow:

They, not Republican’s represent the rich –literally. According to the article, out of the ten (10) wealthiest congressional districts in the nation, 8 of them are represented by Democrats (list here at AP.org). One might suggest that if one were paying attention one would notice that all politicians’ look fairly well off – but some more elite than others. The Kerry’s, for example, with the faux French demeanor – like a bad Gilligan’s island outtake, Nancy Pelosi with her zillions in wine industries, and the list goes on. Basically, it is just as this nation is supposed to be – some people are rich, some people are trying to get rich and the rest of us fall between the two – bettering oneself is the entire point of the nation. Therefore to despise someone who has “made it”, is someone like kicking oneself in the butt – that is if one has any ambition whatsoever. Or, if it is a politician, say a college professor turned Senator who’s part time salary teaching exceeded 400,000 annually, screaming billionaires from the rooftops, it appears somewhat….pandering.

Pandering to those who wish they were billionaires but due to the fact that they’ve never worked in a mailroom, the odds are, at this point, slim.

The excuse –living amongst the rich and elite empowers one to help the “little people” - seriously, that’s condescending. So what to make of all this us versus them (and that goes for the racists as well). Ignore what the idiots on the hill are selling, and then subsequently vote the most egregious out of their public servants position.

Truly, who really cares if someone is rich, or poor, the only difference is that one has reached a goal, and one has not begun, begun and failed, it is fortune’s that rise and fall, and no politician will be able to remedy the ill. There are charities for the destitute. Enough said.

Perhaps if less credence was given to those ambulance chasing politicians trying to catcall and cause fear amongst the semi-literate (case in point – war on women), then perhaps they’d get the message. The message should be: focus on taking care of your job, protecting the nation, and the taxpayers who have hired you.

Interesting piece on Elizabeth Warren in the Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren Slams Obama, Applauds Party, Still Doesn’t Get It” - worth the read, as it’s rather cutting.

If more citizens watched C-SPAN, especially our Congress in action – (Senate is included), one would get the gist that they are but common folk, and none-too-bright. There are some glaring exceptions, however, for the most part; one is left with a sense, that these yahoos better have Velcro fasteners on their respective shoes, as tying the lace may be beyond their pay grade.

They (Congress, the Administration, their Minions) should be working towards protecting what we have all worked so hard to achieve.

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