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Big Winner of the 1st 2016 GOP Primary Debate Marathon – Fox News – All Candidates – Too Early to Determine

The large field of 2016 GOP Candidates - split for two debates by tiers - image insider fox news

Last night’s back to back GOP 2016 Primary debate hosted by Fox News is Cleveland, OH, with 17 candidates vying for the spotlight, appears to have had, at first glimpse of the headlines, a net zero effect on the candidates, however, the most positive or negative reactions go to the network itself, with the majority of commentators either praising or debasing the network. That leads to the theory that this debate may have been the largest audience for a primary debate in the history of televised debates. Obviously time will tell, as the ratings are not yet available, however with the hype surrounding many of the key players, such as Donald Trump, but all news organizations, and the number of people watching just for Trump, makes that scenario likely. See: CNN Opinions on who won the GOP Debate

New York’s CBS


Tucson News Now (one of my local where to watch to GOP Debate

On the Candidates there are a variety of opinions as to who won or lost in the debate, and front a general consensus of the 13,200,000 available on Google News as of 5:32 AM EST 8/7/15 it could be any one of the seventeen GOP Candidates who were either in the first or second debate.

Donald Trump was the prime draw for the majority of viewers, based on comments either positive or negative and possibly of the plurality of coverage of the debate itself. In this humble opinion, there were no clear winners or losers, with only personal preference needles moved slightly. The Drudgereport poll results indicate that Trump was the clear winner, with Cruz in second place and Carson in third, however, as with all internet polls, there are opportunities for campaign operatives to help on a large scale to get their candidate over the top in, what is the largest news aggregator on the net(Drudge Report)

The only candidate to truly stand out as lackluster from the perspective of this Libertarian leaning independent from MA was Gov. Jeb Bush. The balance delivered as expected, with the time constraints and the unusually large field. What might be missing in all of the hype is the huge service Donald Trump has performed for the GOP in general – without his presence causing such a national firestorm (and international given the coverage by the BBC and other world outlets – viewers tuning in to watch Trump only may have learned about the other candidates and conservative viewpoints, counting as new votes cast in the primaries and caucuses let alone the general election, regardless of who the nominee may be. Personal favorites, Cruz, Fiorina, Carson and yes, Rand Paul and Donald Trump – go figure.

Monday, July 20, 2015

GOP Field - Separating the Wheat from the Chaff – Media Skewers Trump, Along with 99% of the Republican Candidates

Dem’s Oddly Silent over McCain Brouhaha – What if more than half of Trump’s Statement was left off the page?

Two from this group did not jump on the Media-GOP bash Trump bandwagon - the Smart Guy in the bunch - image Kansas City Star.

Donald Trump, bombastic and rascally 2016 GOP Candidate has been criticized by fellow Republican contenders for the 2016 nomination and the gleeful press, continues to ask the same questions: Do you agree with Donald Trump – to a man and woman – they all swiftly denounced Trump as he allegedly said:” John McCain is no war hero” . The only one who refused to take the bait – one smart candidate, Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas, who has said he values John McCain’s service but would not “jump in the gutter” to malign a fellow contender in the race by charactering what he or she said. (Bloomberg)

Apparently, The Washington Post’s Sharly Attkisson’s “Fact Check”, shows that with every snip of a clip, the context can change dramatically. From the article on Donald Trump and John McCain:
1. The Post did not provide context at the outset disclosing that McCain and Trump have been feuding, with McCain characterizing some Trump supporters as “crazies” and Trump stating that McCain graduated last in his class in Annapolis. The charged rhetoric continued at the conservative Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa this weekend.

2. When a panelist characterized McCain as a “war hero,” the Post is accurate in reporting that Trump initially said McCain is “not a war hero.” But then, Trump immediately modified his statement saying– four times– that McCain is a war hero: “He is a war hero.”

“He’s a war hero because he was captured.” “He’s a war hero, because he was captured.” “I believe, perhaps, he’s a war hero. But right now, he’s said some very bad things about a lot of people.”

2. Did Trump say McCain is not a war hero because he was captured? No, not in the exchanges represented in the Post.
(Washington Post Fact Check

The question remains, who in the GOP hierarchy were thrilled to send the Post, CBS, NBC, Bloomberg, whoever, part of a quote, and why are our journalist not able to fact check on their own? – Apparently they cannot find C-Span, or any number of sites, where the video is found and one can get the gist straight from the horse’s mouth.

Of course what Trump said may have been better put by say, a fifth grader, but it’s his style, and once again, instead of watching the man nosedive in the polls (methinks it may have been the intent) the opposite will happen, supporters will now understand that he is right about that media!!!

Therefore as the primaries are coming up around the bend, and the debates are schedule and Trump, despite the BS, should be on that stage if he holds onto a top position through August, it makes one think – those who would jump on the press bandwagon without checking for themselves if a certain fact was true (have a staff member watch what a video, the event was videotaped), were quick to criticize. Except one, and what does that tell us? The rash rush to judgment may not be the quality one wants in a Presidential Candidate.

That leaves, 2 in the field of Republican’s and the Democrats who said zip.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New York Times is the New Rolling Stone –Fabricating Stories for Personal or Political Purposes – Ted Cruz, A Time for Truth, #1 in Biographies at

In another case of creative reporting, the New York Times has kept Ted Cruz’s book, “A Time for Truth” off their Best Seller list due to the fact that they had evidence the book did not qualify due to “bulk purchases”, except for one problem, there is no particular proof, and that includes the reports from, perhaps the largest book seller period, Unfortunately, the Times has allowed itself to become akin to Rolling Stone Magazine, still reeling from the Major Failure in their article on a rape – the story was, basically fabricated in order to make it more salacious (CNN). In other words, the author of the Rolling Stone article fictionalized a rape in order to a) make a name for themselves, or b) drive an agenda or c) both. Either way, if one person within an organization makes national headlines for abject lying, it taints the entire organization.

The New York Times, having been the source for books and best seller lists for eons, apparently felt the need to keep Cruz’s tomb off the chart – perhaps because the book decimates those rich and famous politicians from both sides of the aisle. Or perhaps it’s just personal political angst of this one editor. Regardless of the cause, it says a lot about journalism in this nation as a whole, when there is no check on what might or might not be considered a report rather than an opinion. Perhaps if the story had read, Cruz’s book did not make the list because of a personal distaste for his political leanings, it would have been truthful.

In order to keep the ball rolling, one might want to order a copy at Amazon, or Barnes and Nobles, or wherever one purchases an actual book anymore – this bloggers preference is – due to speedy delivery and time-savings. The book can be found at –where it currently is #1 in, “A Time for Truth” by Ted Cruz.

It sounds like such a minor petty offense, but the suppression of books by what is considered (by some) a national trust, should not happen. One wonders if the political or personal tastes changes at the Times, which book would be next?

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