Monday, February 23, 2015

Somalia Terrorist Group – Al Shabaab Makes Threats Against US Malls – Somalia’s in MN, MA and ME – Locals should be prepared

From CNN News:a video released this week by the Somali Terrorist group, Al Shabaab is calling for attacks on malls in the U.S.. Most of the refugees are located in Minneapolis-1 in 3 refugees to be exact (CBSLocal), Maine, Lewiston, is another destination Somalian refugees recently protested cutbacks to welfare in that state(FrontPageMagazine). While in Springfield, MA the Mayor, Dominic Sarno, has tried to stop the flow of Somalia refugees to that city, given the burden placed on Springfield’s ability to cope with the influx of homeless from across the state, as well as population of 1500 that required assistance. (International Business Times).

One might suggest keeping a close eye on malls located near these cities, given the domestic terrorist possibility – see Boston Bombing in 2013(New York Times). The threat from immigrants from countries known to harbor Islamic extremist, should not be taken lightly as suggested by the FBI in downplaying the danger (politically correct) (CNN>.

With a warning in specific areas where Somalia immigrants are situated, notifying residents and owners of malls, restaurants and other high visibility, soft target areas, would best serve the population and perhaps avoid a major catastrophe. As there is a language barrier (where early 1900’s immigrants were required to learn English, today’s immigrants are not – which should be changed as it leads to an inability to be self-sufficient in this country), it would be difficult for local law enforcement or the local mall police to understand what was a plot to bomb the mall or coffee shop and what was not. These types of fanatics are also not above brainwashing or forcing their children to strap bombs to themselves and blow up markets as the recent Nigerian bombing of a market by a 7 year old girl injured 48(

One might suggest ensuring vigilance alert the population in high density immigrant areas to be on watch while dining out or shopping – and the reason why. This may result in stopping a similar 2013 Boston bombing.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Long Cold Winter - Massachusetts

The Long Cold Winter - Massachusetts

It has been one of those winters, winters that are so cold, dark and snowy that one is inclined to do little except plow out and rake the roof, bake in the oven (to further warm the house) eat soups and stews and play online video games, catch up on reading and basically hibernate.

With all of the atrocities taking place in the world – too many to count, it further weighs on a mind already besieged by yet another round of snow , while politics, which generally appeals, is at the point of where to being. It is not writer’s block per se; it is winter block in all its unfathomable glory.

How does one get out of this rut? Perhaps wait it out, there’s little to be done to grab winter by the horns at minus 7 in the morning.

Yes, complaining, and waiting for a thaw of sorts, even an even 32 would be a heat wave comparably.

Therefore, a few links of interest are in order:

Sunshine News ”Six Questions for Rand Paul” worth the read as that is usually a conservative leaning area of the Fl State and they have, apparently embraced Paul.

On the changing faces of politics - From Newark: Bookers BBF’s in Washington, Rand Paul, Newt Gingrich and Ted Cruz” offers a glimpse into what can happen and how the government body elect should communicate. Although reading the comments are rather disheartening What is most interesting is those on the left will give no quarter, while those on the right are inclined to move an inch. (Unless one of those mentioned is a primary opposition opponent.

Monday, February 09, 2015

Winter Thoughts on a Crowded GOP Field

Cabin Fever – when one longs to take a walk, anywhere, without seeing 10 foot snow drifts! As one wrestles with t he flight or stay and fight the snow – thoughts turn to spring, and well, with that comes more of 2016. Announcement pending early to late spring s to who is serious about running for the GOP nomination.

One would understand that the GOP is rather crowded now, with those who have hinted but not yet announced, while the Democrat side of the equation has three or four at best, with one crowned early as the foregone conclusion –in other words, nothing could be more boring on that side. On the GOP side however, there is an added advantage to a crowded field, that being an exchange of ideas, as well as a winnowing of those who might not withstand the rigors of a good competition.

Therefore, when one ears oh, the field is a mess, it is too crowded, and they are in disarray – that translates into a better primary with lots of choices for those who would prefer to have choices.

Paul, Rubio, Walker, Bush, Perry, to name a half handful, all diverse and all bringing something to the table, which makes for a lively 2016 contest. Personally, I’d rather the crowded field to a foregone conclusion. The one who weathers best, makes the most sense should be better suited to taking on a campaign against those who are not prepared. Not prepared by being pre-selected, and pre-vetted by their own, rather than by the public.

Makes life more interesting.

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